Almost 30 years ago, in a period of some weeks I became aware of this Grand Design and the miraculous powering drive that came with it. Gradually I found the vast energy and deep universal wisdom, the wonder has provided me with. Values and beliefs, firm as a rock, challenging me to my 'choices-of-life'. I chose the most influencing segment in society to operate: economy! I embarked on an as hard as fulfilling journey, searching and convincing ambitious leaders and their boards. Outlining their companies as decisive socio-economic beacons in an increasingly chaotic world. Showing to them that Paramount Chiefship was and would become of ever increasing importance to structure society in an effective democratic way.

Along the way I found leaders of big companies and helped them to become guiding forces of dignity, and inspiration. I neglected those who see reality and say ‘Why?’ and connected strongly to those who dream reality and say ‘Why not?’.

Architect of Business Growth
I started to tandem with industry captains, supporting and coaching them  fulfilling their dreams. Building their companies, ambitiously, structurally, profitably, up to unquestioned leadership. It brought me intense cooperation’s and irreplaceable friendships, spiritually and professionally with some of the most remarkable Chiefs. Operating in one of the most dazzling periods of prosperity growth of mankind. As one of the first consultants I was marked, in the United Stated as well as in Europe; Boardroom Coach. The company we build up, Mantion, was awarded by Captains of Industry with the Title of Honor: Architects of Business Growth.

Rebounce: Work Out to Wisdom
And I learned, learned and learned. And based on all that learning inspiration, with the help of the miraculous fountainhead, I created a new philosophy: Rebounce!
The Rebounce Philosophy approaches life as the Work Out to more Wisdom. It inspires, invites, challenges and guides:

  • Individuals and enterprises to growth ambitiously with dignity.
  • Captains to Leadership of Dignity, true Paramount Chiefship
  • All people to the gifts of Total Flow; happiness and fulfillment
  • Each and every one to contribute to make this world a better place