Spec Sessions

The Rebounce World applies philosophy and knowledge in practice by making use of several practical tools. These tools (Personal and Management Tools) are used in the Rebounce Work Outs (see Products) and in the Spec Sessions. Those Spec Sessions are focused on outstanding growth, individually and/or as a team. Ambition is essential for participation.


Spec sessions are organised based on specific improve-questions that are focused on skills, such as:

- Being model                                                awareness and approach of personal core-energy
- Trumunication                                             real communication
- Uppertalk                                                    growth-directed use of language
- Tuning                                                         interhuman connection
- Listen loop                                                  pure awareness, listening
- Inspark set                                                  inspiration connected to effort
- Chameleon Approach                                 from blockades to stimulation
- Dromedary Model                                       forming effective emails, blogs, stories and reports
- Presentation model                                    effective presenting
- Assessment model                                     effective judging
- Incongruence model                                   functional coping with trauma’s and blockades