1. Insight Sessions

In these sessions the core intelligence of Rebounce is passed on. By practical examples the metaphors of the following Rebounce foundations are becoming accessible:

- The Rebounce Chains

The chains explain almost all human attitudes and behaviour. So also of participants working in businesses, in all different positions of the hierarchy. The links in the chain show both vertical and horizontal connections that give in-depth insight in the driving forces and the positions of people. It is an integrated system of 4 chains, all interrelated.

  • Me Chain
  • Need Chain
  • Be Chain
  • Re Chain


- Pure communication

  • Selective perception
  • Constructed perception


- Growth oriented tools

  • Rebounce Feedback
  •             Actively stimulating of effective learning, both for own use as to help others


  • Set up for Records Model
  •             Formulating goals in a way that really works, both for personal use and to help others


  • Inspark Set
  •             Structuring the search for sparks of inspiration, lighting the fire of motivation


- Growth oriented language

  • Self-development
  • Supporting others
  • Effectiveness of  E-intelligence

- Human Programming

- Ten Bees Programs

  • The ten bees are programming models to strengthen the process of self-development

Important Sets of Bees are:

  • Ten Bees of Being
  • Ten Bees of Fulfilment
  • Ten Bees of Personal Growth
  • Ten Bees for New Horizons