Rebounce Philosophy – Platform

The structure of the fundament of the Rebounce Philosophy is both wide and solid. Several aspects of different core intelligences are used and implemented such as macro economy, business studies and Indian studies. Business philosophy, macro strategy and socio- and neuropsychology added valuable input. Everything mixed with the being and extensive experience of the founder: Joost van Zoelen. In the practical translation, the ongoing development plus over 30 years of experience in  working with ambitious CEO’s and Boards, have a significant function. This experience is dominated by the following features:

  • International
  • Medium and large size businesses
  • Ambitious, structural and remunerative growth
  • Focus on effective  growth factors

An important contribution to the knowledge and experience is brought by the results of longitudinal research on the quality of strategy and structure in dynamic growing enterprises/businesses. Those researches were done in various places in the world, both in the pioneer (start-up) and growth (up-scale + ongoing growth) phase of the Corporate Lifecycle. Especially the Rebounce Triple M  (Men, Methods and Means) has been checked. Because it defines the fountainhead of the fundamental driving power of each company; people, system discipline and the exploitation of resources.