Rebouncers are not tied to one place, they can be everywhere, in every company. Some of them gather together in BEING, a network of core intelligences focused on the consulting, guiding and supporting  of businesses on their way to ambitious, structural and profitable growth.

In the BEING Network the following specialised Business Units are assembled:

Mantion                                Architects for Business Growth, corporate strategy and culture
Matters Most                        Brand for Bands, Brand Identity Development, Design, Planning & Control
Pure                                     Brands for Fans, interactive communication
iPark                                     ICT development and control
Support Park                        Personal Assistance, Business and Management Support


At all of these units, Rebouncers will give the best of their ability to help to grow the business they are working with. Positively outstanding  in performance and results.


Rebounce World - Molenstraat 3, PO Box 118, 1860 AC Bergen-NH

BEING  - Amsterdam