In the last years untold people participated in the Rebounce Work Outs. Based on work related or personal decisions. Al these people got the chance to meet the pure logic of Rebounce Philosophy and the meaning of venturous life focused on happiness and fulfilment. Some wandered and found themselves again, others deepened their inner balance and the harmony of the context. A lot of the feedback can be summarized by the statement of a young female, Dutch CEO:

‘Every day I discover new meanings in the Rebounce insights and experience all days more and more as days of glory’.

A lot of people became ‘Rebouncer’ in a lot of different gradations. It brought a lot of people in their stepwise growth process to the desired Total Flow modus. Some already live this modus now. They found their Being Drivers and planned this complex as leading coordinates in the book for direction of their life. Their communication is pure, they stopped judging and use Rebounce Uppertalk. They deliver, in most cases from working in economy, their best contribution in developing a more dignified world.

All fully understand this:

‘Traveller, there is no road, the road will be shown while walking’


‘By doing things the normal way, you will never win’