Rebounce Philosophy

The Rebounce Philosophy has been developed by Joost van Zoelen as of 1979. The most important driving force was and still is, to add positive value to a dignified development of society, the world and human beings. From the start, the focus of Rebounce Philosophy is on business, the economy. This is based on the assumption that the influence of businesses and their leaders have a direct effect on society. An impact which is bigger than the influence of for example politics or journalism. The direct applicability/use in daily practice of business has been an important starting point in the development of the philosophy.

You can read more in an interview with Joost here.

The philosophy has been constantly updated and improved over the years. Joost and his Mantion team gained extensive experience by working with ambitious CEO’s and Boards of growing and leading companies all over the world for long-term periods. The knowledge and experience has been implemented in the practical use of the philosophy. By developing the underlying information more and more and by testing management tools, the success rate improved as well. Meanwhile, the Rebounce science, with its methods, systems and management models, guarantees practicality and results in ambitious business growth processes.

This website provides a lot of information about Rebounce, for you and for anyone who like to find ingredients here for a happier and even more valuable life. Private and within or with the company. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.